Thursday 6 October 2011

Native Compression

Storage analysts George Crump and Joseph Martins referred to balesio and our Native Format Optimization (NFO) technology when they talked about Primary Storage Optimization.

Instead of Native Format Optimization they used the term "Native Compression". We like it a lot because it is simple and still contains the two crucial components of our technology:

NATIVE, because our technology does never change the original format of an unstructured file, i.e. a PowerPoint file remains a PowerPoint file, a PDF document remains a PDF document, etc. Native Compression is therefore superior to other compression technologies in terms of performance. Because the unstructured file doesn't need to be decompressed, no performance decrease is visible. As the files are smaller after the NFO process, performance even increases.

COMPRESSION, because our technology is the most efficient way of data reduction for unstructured files on primary storage. As many unstructured files are in one way or the other pre-compressed with naive zip compression, to reduce space further, you need to do something else, if you want to save space. You need to compress without compression, i.e. you need to optimize the contents within single file structures directly.

Two central points that makes balesio's Native Format Optimization technology unique. Thank you, George and Joseph.

If you want to read more about our technology, here is plenty of information and a White Paper: