Thursday 15 December 2011

balesio's Native Format Optimization technology now includes PDF format; FILEminimizer Server ready for virtualized environments

Today is a great day for balesio, we just announced a major upgrade to our Native Format Optimization (NFO) technology!

Here is our release:

15th December 2011 – balesio AG, the leading provider of native format optimization solutions for unstructured data, today announced that its FILEminimizer Server now significantly reduces the footprint of PDF files in addition to Microsoft Office and image files. This new capability, based on balesio’s Native Format Optimization (NFO) technology, can make a remarkable difference to storage requirements at enterprise-level NAS and SAN systems. Primary storage compression rates of up to 75% for productivity files and over 85% for image data allow organisations to store 4-5x more unstructured data, effectively quadrupling their primary storage efficiency. With the addition of PDF to the list of supported files, Balesio’s NFO technology now offers the unique opportunity to tackle the majority of unstructured data growth. Today balesio also announced that its flagship product is ready and tested for virtualized environments.

“FILEminimizer Server’s readiness to work seamlessly in virtual environments means that our customers can rest assured that they can smoothly deploy balesio’s software to reduce the footprint of unstructured data efficiently in any virtual storage environment,” said Christoph Schmid, Chief Operating Officer at balesio. "In other words, organisations can now store up to 5x more unstructured data on their existing physical and virtual capacity regardless of the underlying storage system, a unique value proposition that only balesio’s technology offers.”

The Native Format Optimization technology used in FILEminimizer Server works directly on each unstructured Microsoft Office, PDF and image file without changing its format. As a result balesio’s software can optimise the large majority of all unstructured content found on primary storage and is today the only product capable of permanently reducing this data by a factor of five.

On reviewing FILEminimizer Stephen Foskett, Iindependent consultant, journalist and founder of Foskett Services, Stephen Foskett saidadds: “Office applications are sloppy about how they save data, leading to file servers full of bloated and unwieldy documents. Native Format Optimization of the sort promised by Balesio has great potential, allowing IT managers to trim storage capacity at the source.”